We previously published certain photos believing them to be Daniele Scasciafratte, a Mozilla Rep.

In April 2024, people in the Techrights IRC network began disputing the identity of the man in the photos.

The Fellowship Community is a fact checking Community. We are dedicated to integrity and the truth.

Therefore, we went back to the source of the photos, they were published by Andis Rado on Wikimedia Commons.

We were shocked to find that all the OSCAL photos before 2020 have been disappeared from Wikimedia Commons. It looks like they were deleted after the revelations about one of the Open Labs (Albania) founders bringing an underage girlfriend to tech conferences.

Fortunately, we had backup photos. We were able to find the photo of Mr Scasciafratte and we can see it is from a previous OSCAL, 2017. We were also able to find another photo that appears to be the man in the photos we already published. It is OSCAL 2019 and he is wearing a name tag. The name tag tells us this man is Halász Dávid. We moved the original content from this web page to a new page about Mr Halász Dávid.

We want to apologize to Mr Scasciafratte and Mozilla for using their names out of context while we also want to apologize to Mr Dávid for not giving him proper recognition for his participation in OSCAL, the Open Source Conference Albania. We are all volunteers, Mr Dávid included.

Here is the photo where we successfully identified the man in the dating photos:

Halász Dávid

Here we put Mr Scasciafratte and Mr Dávid side by side but we are not sure if they are actually known to each other.

Daniele Scasciafratte, Halász Dávid

This is a photo of Joerg Jaspert from the Debian Account Managers team. He is one of the people who leaked information about abuse in Albania and caused a great deal of inconvenience for everybody else who volunteered their weekend to go there.

At the time that Joerg Jaspert started making these privacy violations, he was on the school council at Dalbergschule in Fulda, Germany. Local magazines published a photo of him in a Debian t-shirt with other parents Claudia Beck and Ina Riechert:

Claudia Beck, Jörg Jaspert, Ina Riechert