Many accusations have been distributed about the source of the photographs of an Ubuntu employee's underage girlfriend

Here are facts.

People have been discussing the photographs as they are in the public interest. Free software communities are full of false accusations of abuse. Jeffrey Epstein and many similar offenders continued to get away with things for years by hiding in a smokescreen of false accusations. The photos help bring the Ubuntu employee out of the smokescreen.

Debian gulag wanted to protect Ubuntu so they set up a Kangaroo Court to blame an Australian. The photos here prove the extent of Debian deception.

The photos were published on Wikimedia Commons under the categories related to OSCAL. You can use this search to find hundreds of photos of Albanian women.

Many of the photographs have the name of the photographer who uploaded them. They give credit to Andis Rado and we found a web site for an Albanian photographer. It looks like he is not a member of the Ubuntu cabal, he is a simple contractor. We like his work.

Andis Rado, credit

One of the photos in the collection shows the photographer himself at work photographing a woman at the conference. Maybe the photographer has an assistant taking these photos too.

Nafie Shehu, Andis Redo, photographer Andis Redo, photographer

We can find many other photos of women posing for the photographer, here are some examples, we do not find any photos of men like this:

These photos did not appear spontaneously. The photos are there to encourage men from tech companies to sponsor the conference or come and visit.

Why will men see these photos and come to the next conference?

Google, San Jose: 3.454 single men for every one single woman in the 25-29 age group.

Amazon, Seattle: Two men competing for every one woman.

Does Google care about consent?