This page has been refreshed after we incorrectly identified the developer in these photos.

Debian Community News has raised the issue of dating and romance with women from Albania and Kosovo.

OSCAL 2024 is back. We don't know when. Check here for more details.

Debian Community News has also published evidence that many of the women who received travel bursaries are not publishing code.

It is obvious that many of the women in red t-shirts are being paid to attend the Albanian conferences and pretend to be volunteers. They come and sit in the workshops to make the room look full. They ask questions and then at the end of the day they all disappear. There is no follow up on any of the topics presented. As soon as they receive their cash payment at the end of the day, all these women vanish.

If this is so obvious, why do the leaders of free software organizations continue to give their developers travel funds to go to events in Albania?

If it sounds like a rort, if it looks like a rort and if it smells like a rort (or pussy) then it probably is a rort.

Many free software organizations are registered as tax-privileged charities, for example, using the US 501(c)(3) status, which can lead to serious punishments if the funds pay for holidays and dating.

Looking through photos published by Andis Rado, we found pictures of the the Principal Software Engineer Halász Dávid.

Halász Dávid, Blerta, OSCAL, dating, Tirana, Albania Halász Dávid, OSCAL, dating, Tirana, Albania

Mr Dávid looks comfortable, a lot like the photos of Justin Flory (UNICEF, Red Hat) with a pimp at his feet:

This is a photo of Joerg Jaspert from the Debian Account Managers team. He is one of the people who leaked information about abuse in Albania and caused a great deal of inconvenience for everybody else who volunteered their weekend to go there.

At the time that Joerg Jaspert started making these privacy violations, he was on the school council at Dalbergschule in Fulda, Germany. Local magazines published a photo of him in a Debian t-shirt with other parents Claudia Beck and Ina Riechert:

Claudia Beck, Jörg Jaspert, Ina Riechert