One general wish -- which I agreed with -- from Debian was to better share information about people... Matthias Kirschner, FSFE President

The Fellowship became independent from FSFE in 2018. Our last elected representative helped us fork the mailing list so you can choose to continue in the Fellowship list or use the FSFE's new Supporter list or both. Under the GDPR, FSFE can't force Fellows to join the Supporter program without consent.

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List of Open Source suicides and accidents: volunteers and developers down

Volunteers are currently working to try and decode the Frans Pop Debian Day suicide. Here at the Fellowship we thought it would be helpful to look at Pop's case in the context of all the other suicides and accidental deaths across the entire open source ecosystem. The Open Source mafia has been putting far too much pressure on volunteers in recent years. We decided to look at the cases of those who didn't survive. We feel these cases demonstrate there are issues in the open source challen...