Jonathan Saul Cohen, of Charles Fussell (parody site) is a cyberbully first and lawyer second. He is attacking a Debian volunteer who resigned at a time when he lost two family members.

Fortunately, the UK Law Society has one of the weakest ethical codes we ever heard of.

How is Debian paying for this vampire?

Debian volunteers work long shifts, unpaid, selling t-shirts at tech conferences like FOSDEM:

Debian booth, FOSDEM, 2006, Brussels

What does Debian money pay for?

The vampire lives in Pinner, a leafy suburb in West London. This mansion with red brick facade is worth over a million British pounds:

Jonathan Saul Cohen, London, Charles Fussell, Debian, cyberbullying

Cats and volunteers are not rubbish

In other news today, we heard that Kurt Zouma, the French footballer and West Ham player has made a guilty plea in his trial for animal cruelty (kicking cat like a football). Is it time for similar prosecutions for people who are cruel to volunteers?

Zouma was tried using a private prosecution by the RSPCA. To bring a private prosecution against Jonathan Cohen, these are the details you need:

Date of birth: 18 January 1969
47 Marsworth Avenue
Jonathan Cohen, Charles Fussell, Debian, embezzlement, WIPO, UDRP