When Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi was prosecuted for his bunga bunga parties and a relationship with a teenage girl called Ruby, he didn't deny sleeping with her but he went out of his way to deny paying for it. At one point, he told the press that he doesn't need to pay because the women throw themselves at him.

If the payment for sex is not made immediately, can we still call it prostitution? The law does not require payment to be immediate. Here is the UK legal text from the Sexual Offences Act 2003:

54(1)(a)any financial advantage, including the discharge of an obligation to pay or the provision of goods or services (including sexual services) gratuitously or at a discount; or
54(1)(b)the goodwill of any person which is or appears likely, in time, to bring financial advantage.

Women have seen how $6,000 internships have been offered in Albania.

In the Ubuntu underage girl scandal, the Ubuntu employee, who is also a Mozilla tech speaker, has frequently been in a position of power over women. Women know they have to please these men if they want free trips. Let's see some examples.

We often talk about gatekeepers in software projects. What is the difference between a gatekeeper and a pimp? Women and money. Here we can see an example of how these gatekeepers were organizing women to attend the controversial FOSSCamp on a Greek island. One of the men is writing to the Debian project leader, Chris Lamb and telling him the name of the next woman in the artificial queue:

Subject: Re: Debian at FOSScamp - funding request
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2017
From: Giannis Konstantinidis <giannis@konstantinidis.cc>
To: Chris Lamb <lamby@debian.org>, Silva Arapi <silva.arapi@gmail.com>
CC: leader@debian.org, treasurer@debian.ch, auditor@debian.org, Redon Skikuli <redon@skikuli.com>, ping@anisakuci.com

Hey everyone,
just wish to inform you that unfortunately, due to unforeseen external factors, I won't be able to make it. I'd like to thank the Debian community for the generous support. We will stay in touch.

To make sure Debian makes the maximum possible impact at FOSSCamp, I'd like to sugggest Anisa Kuci (cc'ed ) takes my place. Anisa has been a longtime experienced member of Open Labs Hackerspace, co-organized OSCAL and is very much interested in further contributing to Debian.

Thanks once more. I wish the best success to Debian and your participation FOSSCamp.

Kind regards,
-Giannis K.

Women know there is a queue and they are not permitted to ask for these funds directly. Welcome to Albania.

Here we see another example, in a Wikimedia funding request, Elio Qoshi is writing a reference for one of the women:

Elio: I support the proposal to have Wiki presence at FOSSCamp as it's all happening in a relaxed and laid back environment where participants can learn on their own pace and contribute as well. Nafie (Shehu) has been enthusiastic about leading efforts and has always delivered great results in past events. Her curiosity is her greatest strength and I think FOSSCamp is a great opportunity for her to gain experience, but also help others help Wikipedia as well. I am happily supporting her efforts. --[[User:ElioQoshi|ElioQoshi]] ([[User talk:ElioQoshi|talk]]) 21:19, 19 July 2017 (UTC)

Finally, we have the example of the woman getting a job as a system administrator in Elio's company Ura Design:

Ura Design, Elio Qoshi, Renata Gegaj, Anja Xhakani, Ergi Shkelzeni, Anxhelo Lushka

Therefore, after the underage relationship, in time, the woman had financial benefit. We are not simply talking about underage sex, we may be talking about child prostitution. This does not mean the girl was shared around, even if Elio only used her for himself, it fits the definition.

All the women in this group have seen how this process works. In time, they can also get free trips and become Outreachies.

If women were coding or creating packages, they wouldn't need to go through Elio Qoshi and his mates to request travel funds. If the women are not coding, it appears that the men are offering them an alternative path.

Here are the CPS Guidelines for prosecutors:

The context is frequently one of abuse of power, used by those that incite and control prostitution - the majority of whom are men - to control the sellers of sex - the majority of whom are women.

The CPS charging practice is to tackle those who recruit others into prostitution for their own gain or someone else’s, by charging offences of causing, inciting or controlling prostitution for gain, or trafficking for sexual exploitation.