In April 2024, internal emails from Mozilla were published about the harassment scandals in Debian and the Balkan countries.

The emails make everything clear:

Here are the words written by Larissa Brown Shapiro, Mozilla's Global Head of Diversity, when the scandal was first detected in October 2017:

I'm not sure, but I can seek legal advice on this matter. In my view, there is the potential there for other organizations to take advantage of these kids.

Which "other organizations" are source of Shapiro's concerns? Could it be the misfits at FSFE & Debian?

FSFE & Debian people continued working with Elio Qoshi & Redon Skikuli. FSFE & Debian refuse to publish detailed reports about money sent to organizations and events in developing countries.

The money paid for travel allowances and event sponsorship is a catalyst for exploitation in the region.

FSFE & Debian both claim to be concerned with openness and transparency.

Larissa Brown Shapiro's emails were disclosed as part of legal procedings in April 2024. Barely six weeks later, in June 2024, the Open Labs Hackerspace in Albania was closed down. Women who worked there are deleting references to Open Labs from their web sites.

These few words from Larissa Brown Shapiro, leaked as part of a legal process, were the last nail in the coffin for the Open Labs hackerspace scandals.

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Bio, copied from LISA 15:

Larissa works at the Mozilla project, program managing Firefox feature development, and was formerly Head of Contributor Development, where she led contributor development. Prior to joining Mozilla, Larissa was the first (and only) Product Manager at Internet Systems Consortium, an open source public benefit organization which is the creator and maintainer of BIND, as well as hosting one of the 13 root name servers of the internet. Larissa has worked in tech since the early 1990s. She has been a mentor for four years for women through the TechWomen project, is the leader of the Open Source Opportunities for Women mentoring program at Mozilla, developed an implementing partnership with the WeTech program for web literacy for girls and women in India, and travels worldwide supporting mentorship and women and girls in open source/open culture.

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Larissa Shapiro, Larissa Brown Shapiro, Mozilla


Larissa Shapiro, Larissa Brown Shapiro, Mozilla


Larissa Shapiro, Emma Irwin and other Mozilla women at Grace Hopper 2016 in Houston, Texas:

Larissa Shapiro, Emma Irwin, Semirah Dolan, Grace Hopper, Mozilla